Saturday, April 3, 2010

Awesome April

has just begun.

I woke up early yesterday to prep my Pop so we could go to our little fishermen's warf to witness the first harvest our our fish-friends-now-food, the Milkfish better known at our place as BANGUS!
harvesting mode.
[It was really fun watching the men trying to catch the fish with the net only seeing the fish fly over them. They did rounds of catching but still never finished until today. The had to stop at high tide.]

fresh from the sea.
[aren't they lovely? Some bones got stuck on my throat today. I'm okay now and I ain't giving up eating them at all. ]

Next Topic.

Family gatherings are just plain fun. I like having little chitchats with some cousins and aunts... I also like seeing little children run around, shout and speak like big people do... making negotiations using their toys and making their own game rules. It makes me miss those days when I was just a kid playing house with my older cousins and allowing them to feed us petals. Last night was one of those fun gatherings because it was a joint graduation party for some of my cousins and it was kinda sad too because one of them is leaving us and no one can tell how long she will be away. Anyhoo, enough for the sentiments.

I was busy yesterday but it's not the kind that gets me ranting. It's the fun kind of busy because it's for the said family gathering. My cupcake tower also made its show again last night... the same chocolate cupcakes but different owners this time. My aunt asked me to make them and you can imagine what I went through making those. Baking and frosting about 48 cupcakes in about 5 hours? But I don't want to complain because I must admit, I had fun. I also think that baking for family or close friends add an additional amount of pressure for perfection. So yeah, I did my best and thankfully the batches turned out really great. I also baked some cookies days before as my present to the kiddos who graduated from preschool.

On to some pictures. I didn't take much because I was to tired to do so. I only chatted my way through the night with an old college friend.

Here we go.
girly cookies

boy cookies
[Both cookies were inspired by Bakeat350 and Sweetopia]
I know, they scream for more practice. :D

And here's the cupcake tower and the cookies laid out on the dessert table. :D

Now, my cousins have left and there are a few still staying.
Oh, did I tell you that we don't have water right now? Our water pump broke so we have to ask [or buy(?) ] water from our neighbors.
And I burnt a small part of my left hand yesterday with the glue gun. Arggh.

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