Saturday, April 10, 2010

Limited Edition

Today was quite a busy one. In the morning, I went to church to participate in the remaining parts of the workshop that was meant to prepare us for the activities this summer. I didn't get to finish though because I had some baking to do. I made for a cousin what I call a LIMITED EDITION cupcakes. It's a mix of two flavors in one cupcake. I rarely ever do them because they take me a lot of time to make but if a close friend or relative really wants one, I think twice and mostly end up making the cuppies for them. So here goes.

My camera's with my brother so I took the shots using my phone camera.

Cookies and Cream under Chocolate

Another View

Here's a pretty GUMAMELA I found at my Lola[Grandma]'s garden.

Is it just me or is Blogger acting weird lately? I'm having a hard time editing my post.

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