Thursday, April 22, 2010

Magic Chocolate Mug Cake

My heart is still quite broken because of my sick oven still in the repair shop. I miss it so much. It feels like a part of me is missing everytime this comes to my mind but well, yeah, things happen and my broken oven and broken heart are part of it.

So while it is healing, I also wanted to make a little something just to satisfy my urge to use the ingredients that I have sans my oven. I've done some baking through microwave before. The most recent one is the Moringa cupcake rescue. Before my parents bought me my oven, I used the microwave to bake us some brownies and cookies. It didn't taste as good as those oven-made goodies but sometimes, it's just the way to go to satisfy a craving.

So here I am again, hungry for some sweets. And because of that, I've been busy this morning googling a microwave cake recipe that's just a little serving because I don't want to put so many ingredients to waste if in case it doesn't work. I also don't want to overeat again. I came across this recipe and it made my afternoon. I want ice cream on top of it but I'm feeling lazy to get out because of the bright and shining sun that's burning hot these days.

On to some photos...

a close look

how the cake in the mug looks like
[quite a mess eh?]

looks pretty to me
[as per experience, i've never tried yielding perfectly shaped goodies from a microwave]

took a slice to see its innards
[tastes chocolatey but it doesn't beat the oven-baked cake version. 'twas good enough though.]

It fascinates me how the microwave really works like magic. :D


  1. That cake looks wonderfully indulgent!

  2. yey! thanks for finally posting my submission on tastespotting. :D

  3. I tried something like this but you're right, the oven baked taste so much better :-)

  4. i'm so sorry. This is weird. i looked for this post and found it in the drafts. grrrr... sorry again. this is kinda old.