Saturday, February 27, 2010

Buzzzzzzzzz... :)

It was extremely hot here at our place yesterday... The afternoon made me scream for ice cream like I always do during times like these. My mom and I then entertained the idea of going to the mall with my father and sister to get our dose of Buzzz Cafe ice cream. I obviously really love Buzzz Cafe.

So we did, with the little cash I had, enjoy our ice cream and shake. Me and my sister had the time of our afternoons [instead of lives haha]! We also had some herb bread with my favorite spreads, pesto and mango. You guys should try this cafe I'm raving about. This is my current favorite.

the Buzz Cafe Herb Bread with Pesto and Mango Spread

Me and my sister Jackie enjoying our homemade ice cream on 'kabkab' cone
mine's chocolate-malunggay, my sister's is chocolate-mango

and here's an uber yummy eye candy!!!
Coco Martin looking like a god in this Bench stall :D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's Next?

I've been a bum for months.

...unemployed but I don't feel like a burden to my parents since I help out a lot in the house... I have also started this little business of selling out goodies per order so it's not much of a bore actually. However lately, I've subjected myself to lots and lots of thinking about going back to the hospital. I don't know but thinking about it before irked me a lot. Now, I have to really set my mind to going back if I want to be a step further in my nursing career.

So this afternoon, I did it. I finally brought my application to my hospital of choice. I was accompanied by my childhood friend and classmate for so many years, Erin. We went there together this afternoon and met the doctor/director of the hospital. We have to go back there tomorrow though because the documents have to be submitted to another 'boss'... I hope the wait won't be too long... by the way, I applied as a nurse volunteer which means, no wage for now. :(
But that's fine, I hope some orders come along too if in case I get accepted.

my documents :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moringa Cupcake

Health is wealth.

Yesterday, I thought of making something organic for today. Moringa, better known as MALUNGGAY, here in the Philippines is said to be a miracle plant. This particular vegetable is also my favorite Buzz Cafe ice cream flavor. This encouraged me to make a cupcake variety of the said veggie. I first intended to make my own but also tried my luck at googling a recipe. I found one but found it a little questionable because its pattern isn't the same as that I am used to making. I decided to try it thought since it's just the lone recipe I found and it was made by a doctor. :)

So here goes. It's done and I've tasted it. The product taste is good. A little too sweet for me and lacked the 'malunggay' feel. It was good enough though for my mom and sister. I topped it with lemony buttercream to give it some oomph. Generally, it was good but not the best. I intend to make my own recipe soon because sadly, I'm not very much satisfied.

Here are some photos.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Favorite

Yesterday, I received a very pleasant surprise.

My deceased friend Char's sister, Emmylou, tagged me in a photo of a chocolate bar and its caption says that it was for me. I thought it was just meant to tease me and it was not really mine to have but I was wrong. It was indeed for me! It came from Char's boyfriend, Chino who was my classmate in college. He now works in an international airline company and has flown to many different places. Wherever he bought this doesn't matter anymore. I just enjoyed the goodie sooo much!

It's not too sweet, bittersweet in fact.... chocolate mousse variety.
Having a bite of it makes you want more and more and having it all consumed is soooooo heartbreaking.

it has my name on it.

wish i had unlimited supply... [just a wish though]

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday JC!

Yep. Today is my closest cousin's birthday and since he's not around, i prepared for him something... It's somewhat a dummy cupcake since he can't taste it anyway. I ate it for him... The real thing will be made when he comes home this year.

OOOOOOOOOOhhh I am so excited. :)

here it is.

and I got a little emo. hahaha

just in case you're wondering how he looks like.
Here we are in a photo taken about 2 years ago. :)

Coffee Flan (?)

Last night, I was craving[as almost always] for something sweet. I looked through the fridge and saw some leftover egg yolks and milk. And so some form of bug invaded my mind telling me to whip up something to satisfy my craving... And here goes, I thought of making coffee flan. It's an alternate to leche flan which I saw last Saturday on Youtube.

Feeling a little adventurous, I took on the challenge of making my own recipe simplified using the microwave oven to cook it. I took four little bowls/sauce containers and placed a tablespoon of sugar on each one. Then I added a tablespoon of water to the containers with sugar. I then put them in the microwave to boil and make a syrup... of course it didn't turn out the way it's supposed to be but still, I moved on. I then got my egg yolks and mixed it with drops of calamansi to remove the stench then added milk and sugar. I didn't measure anything, i just felt my way through it. hahahahaha It's a bit crazy but what is an adventure? :D

Continuing on, I added some instant coffee granules until it was brown enough. I then took a strainer and poured my mixture through it[to remove the lumps] into the containers with the syrup. After, I put them into the microwave and cooked them for a minute. And another minute... and another minute... until i got tired because it never stopped boiling...

So I took it out and had a taste... I also asked my siblings to taste it and of course, they didn't like it that much. They said it was too sweet! :) I gobbled up some of them and realized that indeed it was too sweet. And it didn't look appetizing to me at all... So much for the adventure.

Looking at it right now makes me laugh at myself for doing it. :D

end product. :D

poured out. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lessons Learned

Yesterday, I got busy. I didn't expect it to last until today, but it did and I'm so worn out right now. I know it's not nice to complain but you know, sometimes you just ought to let it out. Maybe I'm just tired but I believe I'm still sane.

Well back to business, I got busy yesterday because I baked 50 cookies. [take note: just 50 but I'm already feeling like this.] I didn't only bake but iced and individually packed each and every one of them. I ended past 3am and woke up around 6:45am today. I was used to doing that before, sleeping only little hours especially when I was still volunteering at a hospital but I don't do it anymore now that's why it's kind of a new experience again...

After breakfast, I baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes [still an order] and made Marshmallow Fondant to frost it. I was molding my toppers with an aching tummy. This usually happens when my body is under stress. Anyway, I got done with everything and I'm happy that I'm going to rest now.

So here are a few lessons learned:

1. Don't act so heroic. Ask help if you need to.
2. Manage your time well.
3. Learn to say no to temptations that might distract you.
4. Focus.

Being a 'home baker' certainly is not easy especially for someone like me who is just beginning. But still, nothing beats a "Thank You" from a satisfied customer so I do my best to be the best.

Here are the photos of the goodies. :D


a closer look


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Scream for Ice Cream!!!

I don't know.. Last night, I had the urge for something sweet other than cakes/cupcakes/cookies that I have indulged with in the past few days. :D Of course, it should be something really cold because it's very warm at our place lately due to the El Nino Phenomenon. Luckily, I had a few bucks from the goodies I sold to buy us an ice cream tub. It wasn't much but it was good enough.
And it bore two of my favorite ice cream flavors, Cookies and Cream and Coffee Crumble from Selecta.

Eating this reminds me of my now deceased friend. We used to eat these flavors of ice cream every time I visited her when she was still alive and sick. She had cancer. It was sad but she never made me feel bad about it until she got too sick... sick enough to give up. Just like Valentines day, this food makes me miss her and wish she was here to enjoy it with me.

But she is with the Lord now and I am positive that she is smiling up there, free from all sickness and worries...
my favorite photo with her

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Day

Wow! My first post.

I know Valentines day is over and I'm happy about it. It's not because I didn't get myself a date but because I'm done with my cupcake and cookie orders. All have chocolate bases and fondant topped. I also made my family a special chocolate cake as my love day offer.

We don't usually celebrate Valentines day at our church because we are not Catholics but we do know about Love and it's deeper meaning... especially that it is not just an emotion... it's some form of a state of mind. However, I still made my cake to show my love for my family. :)

So no more fusses... Here are the photos of the cupcakes I made and the cake of course. :D
Happy Love Day everyone. :)


another one of Gayle's

Gayle's cookies



and of course, the decadent chocolate cake. :D