Monday, April 5, 2010

Something 'Green' and Cake Balls

Yey! :D My 25th Post. [Nothing.. just happy about it. :) ]

And I have a few reasons to celebrate too apart from this being 25th and I'm so excited to share them with you. I have to warn you though that these are just little things that I'm very happy about.

Number 1: I got my green bag from Green Bag Lady from the mail yesterday. It's not literally green but the fabric and colors are pretty. Its size is just right and fits a lot of things. Ooooh I'm loving it. Definitely a keeper.

Just so you know, Green Bag Lady is an artist from the US who makes bags and sends them as gifts to spread the word of using fabric instead of plastic bags to minimize the negative impact of plastics to the environment. Her dad and some volunteers help her out in making and sending the bags. I just happened to stumble on her page sometime ago through Ate Claire's blog. I saw a bag I liked and so I commented. Later, her dad a.k.a Bagette Dad sent me an email to tell me that they'd like to send me a bag. So to make the story short, I got the bag yesterday from the post office.

Here are some photos.

Here it is. On top of it is the envelope that held it.

authentic :)
guess I'm the first one in the country to have her bag.

*happy smile :D

And on to Number 2: I made some smoother cake balls last night. Thanks to the video I found on Ate Claire's site. They're still made of the microwave chocolate cake recipe but with Peanut Butter Buttercream this time as inspired by Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

oh look at those beauties... :D

here's one for me.
[okay, I lied. I ate three last night ;) ]
and you won't know it has peanut butter until you get to take a bite.

sorry I didn't get a shot of the insides. i was totally lost in it that i forgot. :D


  1. YEey!!!!!!!!! You finally got your bag :-)
    I'm so happy you received it.
    Your cake balls turned out awesome! Did you use dark chocolate? I need to try that next time, I bet it was yummy!

  2. OIst, I forgot :-) Make sure you email Teresa about your bag and send her a link to your site :-)
    She would be so happy to hear from you and she might post your site in her blog :-)

  3. The package says BitterSweet Chocolate daw from Dutche. hehe :D I also added some shortening[like you said] to thin it out. :D

    I sent her an email na and some photos.

    Thanks Ate! :D

  4. Thank you for my bloggy award. Your site is adorable and so YUMMY!