Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Off to Cebu Again

Last Tuesday, we went to Cebu again to have my father's heart checked. My brother, Jonathan, was there ahead of us as he was already doing his share of job hunting. Upon arriving there, we met up at a pension house that I ended up hating. I kept repeating that I'm never going back there ever again. It was noisy and so uncomfortable.

Anyhoo, enough rant. Let's go to the good stuff. Our schedule was early the next day so while we were waiting,  we went malling and had dinner at Sunburst. They're known for their fried chicken and my parents claimed it to be the best. So when the opportunity arrived, I went for a go and grabbed it. We ordered molo soup, chicken drumsticks, their version of chopsuey and their lumpia shanghai. I must say, I loved the chicken...not too salty and the skin is thin and not starchy.The Molo soup was good. The lumpia is so-so but the chopsuey is not good. It was something [I thought to myself] that I could figure out cooking at home.
Molo Soup, Fried Chicken and Chopsuey

Lumpia Shanghai

We went home after and prepared for the check up the next day. To make the story short, the check up went fine and the test results were okay. My father still has a healthy heart. After the check up, we went to another mall this time and had lunch there. Sorry, no photos. I was too hungry. Anyhoo, we just had it at the Food Court. But my visit to Cebu is never complete without paying a visit to Leona Cakes and Pastries. I bought my favorite Choco Chip bread and a slice of Mocha-Choco Mousse to take home. 

this one tasted good... :) soft, creamy and not to sweet.

I also got to use my Green Bag Lady bag there. :D

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