Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lagunay - Blanco Wedding

Well I didn't really contribute much to this occasion other than being present to witness and to eat. hihi...
Yeah I'm so much a big fan of weddings. I love playing spectator to how a man and a woman decide to live together, vowing to love each other forever.

I will be pouring out more of my thoughts about this in my diary blog Ponder Spills. For now, I'd just like to share how great the wedding was. It was on one of the most private beaches here in our locality. Beach wedding nearing sunset... so romantic, so beautiful... Comfy clothes, slippers... Not so many lavish decos... just mostly white and purple. Perfect weather. Really pretty.

There were lots of food too at the reception.

The buffet table

centerpiece... :)

my dinner plate

Queen Elizabeth cake.

It's kinda sad I wasn't able to take a photo of the wedding cake. We were seated quite far so that was the best I could get. haha

But for overalls, the wedding was almost if not perfect. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chocolate Chunk Nips Cookies

I just came from a graveyard shift duty and I'm so drowsy right now. But I feel the need to share my baking adventure last night. I was browsing through some photos at Tastespotting when I found this cookie photo that looked really yummy. I clicked on and was brought to Bakergirl's blog. As I read on her story, I realized that I am somehow in a similar situation as her. 

Well anyway, I copied the cookie recipe and commented that I would make my own. And I did, last night. I used Nips instead of M&M's as they are cheaper of course but taste just as good. The cookies turned out really chocolatey and she was right about the cinnamon. It makes the chocolate flavor pop. Needless to say, the cookies were a success and I felt so fulfilled. 

beautiful eh? 

cookie on my hand... will bite soon :D 

packed some for my childhood nurse friends :)

Thanks, Bakergirl :))

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glysa's Birthday Cuppies

Yep, it was one of my girl best friends' birthday yesterday. Her name is Glysa and she was my classmate since first grade until high school. We've parted ways in college but never lost contact. We've been through a lot. A whole lot actually, and yeah, it's made our bond stronger than ever.  In celebration of another year of her existence, we held a pre-birthday bash at the 'Balwarte' [don't know how it's spelled.] We went there with our other girlfriends and we had a blast. It was a simple dinner actually and my offering to her this year is a set of birthday cupcakes I baked a day ahead. I decorated them with seven-minute frosting and here they are.

And here are some photos of us. [Glysa's the one wearing shorts.]

Shiela, Erin, Glysa and me :)

Felt like we're still first graders. haha :D

Time flies so fast. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Things have been a whirlwind lately with regards to life and love for me. Been on duty most times at the hospital with changing shifts and trying times. A lot of people have been getting sick lately and some too are bringing more children into the world. I am currently assigned in the Delivery Room and helping women give birth has been my thing lately. Although it's mostly a doctor-nurse team tasking here, watching the whole birthing process is utterly amazing. Labor though looks really painful and scares me a lot. Some of them really get irritable but you know, that is so understandable. With regards to love, uhmmm... I'd like to keep it a secret for now. I'd like to savor the 'funny feeling' it while it's new and while it lasts.

So much for that. Hihi. This weekend, one of my brothers went home from Cebu City and so it called for some baking. I still had left over chocolate chips in the fridge and my sister was dying for choco chip cookies so that's what I decided to make. I used my sugar cookie recipe because I wanted to make cut outs but somehow, it didn't work. haha. I still pushed through anyway and didn't yield much because I halved the recipe. 

 Here are two of them.
Bit the one on top. Haha.
They tasted good... but not best.