Friday, April 16, 2010

Rose Sugar Cookies

My grandmother assigned to me quite a tasking project for the weekend and that's to make cookies and cupcakes as gifts for my other grandmother[my deceased grandfather's sister]'s birthday party which is going to be held on Sunday. This and another project that was booked way earlier than hers will keep my hands full throughout the weekend. That's why I am planning very well each and every move I'm going to make in the next few hours and next few days. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But yeah, I don't want to stay up late again like i did before when I had to make and frost 40 cookies in one night. I almost died. [Exaggerating again.]

So here's my product for today. I tried to look for a design that would be most fitting for the occasion. I mean the grandma I'm talking about is already old and I don't think making too kiddie designs would be so not appropriate. I looked up some sites and chose this one  from Bakeat350. As I have mentioned before, I'm such a big fan. I also tried to make it red since it's the theme color but I didn't quite make it. Red is such a challenge to achieve. Argh. It turned out something like reddish violet. I don't know... must be the food color. It says strawberry red but it makes more of the pinkish side of things.

Anyhoo... have a look.

I didn't make a template like she did. I just made round cookies and piped the outlines like those of her cookies. 

a closer look.

another closer look

all packed and ready for Sunday. 

And Oh!
I'd just like to show off what I had for lunch yesterday.

Grilled 'Tulingan'  with Sautéed Onions and Tomatoes


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  1. Oh, they turned out so pretty! I really love that color!

    See, I didn't need that template after all! ;)