Monday, March 1, 2010

Braving the Heat

It's 5pm right now and the sun is still out... not like it's something new here but the heat is really almost unbearable these days[El Nino Phenomenon] and today I guess marks the beginning of the summer season. I had no plans of going out today until I remembered that I still had to submit those documents that I should have submitted last Friday. I got really sick back then with my tummy ache and matching colds. I'm still suffering from colds until now. I don't get it but everytime it gets too hot for me, I suffer from colds. :) I thought my sense of smell got back already but now, I still can't smell a thing.

Back to my apps, I'm done submitting the documents already. I did brave the heat and went out at around 3pm. If it's hot now that it's already 5, how much more at 3? Upon arrival to the hospital, I wasn't immediately allowed to come in so I stayed outside in the shade. Waiting seemed to increased the agony of wallowing in the heat. Anyway, after giving her the documents, the supervisor/head nurse told me to just wait for a form of communication from the hospital.

I really hope the wait won't be too long. Anyhooooo, I think I'll just be waiting for orders and exploring new recipes to make use of my time. :)

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