Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet Escape

Okay... so I've been complaining... It's been really hot these days[as I say time and time again].
Makes me wanna crave for something sweet and cold at the same time. My baby oven is still in the repair shop and I so miss it every time. I don't know when I'm gonna get it back but I really wish I will soon. Back to my craving, well there's no better way to satisfy it than making a concoction... and here's what I came up with.

I used the Magic Chocolate Mug Cake recipe but downsized it to half. You can imagine how little the measures are already but the serving is just right [for me]. The mug cake I made days ago, I shared with my family. This one, I ate alone. :D I made use of a small bowl too instead of a coffee mug and cooked it on high for 1 minute and 30 seconds instead of 2:30. I also used just the egg yolk instead of one whole egg. When cooked, I let it cool a bit and transferred it to a small plate/saucer. I then topped it with leftover Double Dutch ice cream from last night and ate it all away.

So here are the evidences:

mmmm... look at the ice cream melting away... :P

sorry for the bubbles but well, that's how it is when the ice cream melts. [i think]
i loved the texture of this one.

I didn't really know what I was going to call it thus the title...
It tasted more like brownies than cake but it was yummy... really yummy. :D


  1. You better eat it fast, LOL! Yummyyyy!!
    Now I want to make some lava cake but it's too late already hehehe. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. looking at this makes me wanna eat again... **sigh*... i have to stop myself. :D