Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Hurrah for March

Okay... so March is almost over but Summer fun has just begun.
Yesterday, we went to Cebu City for the main purpose of having my father checked up by a doctor there. And so we did, so early in the morning for the lab tests. The doctor's check up was scheduled the next day[which was today] so after the lab
tests, we took time to find ourselves a resting place. We walked around a few blocks only to end up at the pension house right in front of the laboratory we first arrived into. After that though, we did go out to have some lunch and to just roam around the at Ayala for 'exercise'[haha]. I didn't get to photograph much of the foods we ate. I was just too hungry or too tired to do them.

Today, I tried my best to get some photographs. I still didn't take a shot of a meal though. I always forgot. My favorite part of the trip was the visit to Leona Cakes and Pastries at SM Northwing. I don't know but eversince I've gone there, my feet always tend to walk to the 'cafe's' direction. My parents and I had a few bites there. The doctor's check up went well and we are supposed to start a new diet as soon as possible that's why consider this day our last day to indulge. I don't know if this is my last day though. I don't think so. However, I'm thinking of joining them in their diet change because the doctor said strokes are hereditary and being the 'obese' person that I am now makes me so prone to it.

Now here are the little photos that I took of my little indulgences. Most of the shots I took were photos of my parents but I don't intend to include them in this post so here we go...

A photo of the the print on the table napkin at Leona's.

I think this is called Chocolate Swirl.
[It tastes like a chocolate flavored bread with some chocolate chips mixed with it. I loved this one.]

This one is the Chocolate Mamon.
[It's from my mom but I ate most of it. haha It was soft and chocolatey. Not very special but good enough.]

Have a look at some goodies my mom got for me.
Most of them are from Caro & Marie(a baking supply store at SM).

And here's what we had for supper at the boat.
It's called Eden Green Salad from SM Supermarket.
You get to pick what your veggies and dressing to put in your salad, they weigh your choices and you pay them. :D

A lot of things are brewing up in my head and I'm so excited to bring them to life.

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  1. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog when I'm looking for pictures of Leona's cakes and pastries.
    I did used one of your pictures, the choco mamon.
    I hope it's okay. Don't worry, I did put the URL of the picture. Thanks! :D

    nice blog you got here.