Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mongo Cooler Adventure

It's summer here and it's uberly hot... Feels like the country is turning into a barren desert with the El Nino Phenomenon bugging us day after day. It's killing the crops and fish even the farm animals! Oh well, not everything though[just exaggerating a little] but those that aren't tough enough would really die from the heat we are experiencing here right now. It, thus, isn't safe to be out at mid-day. Knowing this keeps me inside the house 'til sunset since I currently do not have a day job. Being idle at times makes me think of going on adventures... mostly gastronomic ones. :) So written below is one of them.

Today, the main ingredient is Mongo a.k.a. Mung beans. We had it for lunch[the guisado type with squash and malunggay leaves]. I set aside about a cup of it so I could put it in the fridge, add milk and sugar and munch it while it's cold. It makes a pretty good and healthy snack. Here goes the adventure. I was wondering how it would taste like as a shake so I took the blender and shoved the mongos in. I poured about a tablespoon each of milk, sugar and cocoa powder. I added some ice[about 4-5 cubes] and blended the mixture until smooth enough. So there goes. It was really simple and it tasted good. The downside though is that it felt gritty and powdery[not a very pleasant sensation]. To be honest, I told myself that I should have sticked to the snack I was talking about. I finished my 'adventuristic' drink anyway. It somehow cooled my system.

notice the pretty flowers...
[we have lots of those at our yard.]

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  1. Hi iha! You deserve an award and you may get it from here