Saturday, February 27, 2010

Buzzzzzzzzz... :)

It was extremely hot here at our place yesterday... The afternoon made me scream for ice cream like I always do during times like these. My mom and I then entertained the idea of going to the mall with my father and sister to get our dose of Buzzz Cafe ice cream. I obviously really love Buzzz Cafe.

So we did, with the little cash I had, enjoy our ice cream and shake. Me and my sister had the time of our afternoons [instead of lives haha]! We also had some herb bread with my favorite spreads, pesto and mango. You guys should try this cafe I'm raving about. This is my current favorite.

the Buzz Cafe Herb Bread with Pesto and Mango Spread

Me and my sister Jackie enjoying our homemade ice cream on 'kabkab' cone
mine's chocolate-malunggay, my sister's is chocolate-mango

and here's an uber yummy eye candy!!!
Coco Martin looking like a god in this Bench stall :D

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