Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cake Pop [My version]

I've read about this idea a lot of times before [the most popular ones(I think) coming from Bakerella] and I have been wanting to try them myself. Yesterday, my mom and I were getting some groceries for our household and the idea of making some cake pops got into my mind.

For my first try, I grabbed a box of Goya Dark Mints. The chocolate need not be expensive, I think. :) We also bought some cupcakes [I used 3] at a local bakery just for the sake of trying out.I didn't have time to bake because it was night time already, you see. In lieu of cream cheese frosting or buttercream, I used 2 tbsp of Milo dissolved in 2 tbsp water to hold them together. I rolled the cupcake and Milo mixture into balls and I didn't put them in the freezer anymore. The mint chocolates were then melted in the microwave and I dipped the cake balls in them. I put them in the fridge for the molten chocolate to set and got them out a few minutes after to finally taste them. I didn't have some lollipop sticks so I used toothpicks instead.

Though I made just a few, it was enough dessert for our family. I passed them around and they loved the pops! yey! :D

the Goya Dark Mint box

they look more like truffles on a stick, don't they? :)

I tried cutting one in half so you'll see what's inside.
[hope it's clear enough]

In a slightly different note, I also had chocolatey breakfast toast and a cup of Milo this morning :))


  1. Im so proud of you. =) Now you found your true passion. =) I Can't wait to have my own blissful moments with your blissful nibbles! =) mwaah!

  2. Hi Blissful,
    Teresa really likes your comments on the Green Bag Lady blog, and would like to send you a bag. Please contact me BagetteDad(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Oh my. I want to make cake pops now! With milo, that's a brilliant idea :)