Friday, March 26, 2010

Pancakes, Barbeque and Graduation Cuppies

Yesterday, after the Mongo cooler, I also tried to make pancakes from scratch. I got a recipe online[now I'm too tired to look it up] and yeah, it was about 65% of a success. Hihihi... I didn't follow the recipe ingredients accurately and decided to pull a stunt by not following the instructions. I didn't have to please anybody but myself anyway so I suffered my own consequences. :) It tastes like pancakes but it was not that light and it didn't 'bubble up' that much in the pan. I added chocolate sauce [sweetened cocoa powder+water].

Last night though, we had a candlelit barbeque dinner under the moonlight. We wanted to go to Burgos St. to eat barbeque there but we just couldn't so we made our own barbeque place, in the comfort of our home. I sliced up the meat and made the marinade and sauce but my mom cooked them. I was really filled to the brim last night.

Here's a lousy shot.
[I got too excited to munch on the meat that I got too lazy to take a more presentable shot]

And this is what I've been busy with today.
Pretty ain't it?
It's for my niece, Rai, who's graduating today from kindergarten today.
Her mom ordered it for her. :D

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