Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lessons Learned

Yesterday, I got busy. I didn't expect it to last until today, but it did and I'm so worn out right now. I know it's not nice to complain but you know, sometimes you just ought to let it out. Maybe I'm just tired but I believe I'm still sane.

Well back to business, I got busy yesterday because I baked 50 cookies. [take note: just 50 but I'm already feeling like this.] I didn't only bake but iced and individually packed each and every one of them. I ended past 3am and woke up around 6:45am today. I was used to doing that before, sleeping only little hours especially when I was still volunteering at a hospital but I don't do it anymore now that's why it's kind of a new experience again...

After breakfast, I baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes [still an order] and made Marshmallow Fondant to frost it. I was molding my toppers with an aching tummy. This usually happens when my body is under stress. Anyway, I got done with everything and I'm happy that I'm going to rest now.

So here are a few lessons learned:

1. Don't act so heroic. Ask help if you need to.
2. Manage your time well.
3. Learn to say no to temptations that might distract you.
4. Focus.

Being a 'home baker' certainly is not easy especially for someone like me who is just beginning. But still, nothing beats a "Thank You" from a satisfied customer so I do my best to be the best.

Here are the photos of the goodies. :D


a closer look


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