Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's Next?

I've been a bum for months.

...unemployed but I don't feel like a burden to my parents since I help out a lot in the house... I have also started this little business of selling out goodies per order so it's not much of a bore actually. However lately, I've subjected myself to lots and lots of thinking about going back to the hospital. I don't know but thinking about it before irked me a lot. Now, I have to really set my mind to going back if I want to be a step further in my nursing career.

So this afternoon, I did it. I finally brought my application to my hospital of choice. I was accompanied by my childhood friend and classmate for so many years, Erin. We went there together this afternoon and met the doctor/director of the hospital. We have to go back there tomorrow though because the documents have to be submitted to another 'boss'... I hope the wait won't be too long... by the way, I applied as a nurse volunteer which means, no wage for now. :(
But that's fine, I hope some orders come along too if in case I get accepted.

my documents :)

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