Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Favorite

Yesterday, I received a very pleasant surprise.

My deceased friend Char's sister, Emmylou, tagged me in a photo of a chocolate bar and its caption says that it was for me. I thought it was just meant to tease me and it was not really mine to have but I was wrong. It was indeed for me! It came from Char's boyfriend, Chino who was my classmate in college. He now works in an international airline company and has flown to many different places. Wherever he bought this doesn't matter anymore. I just enjoyed the goodie sooo much!

It's not too sweet, bittersweet in fact.... chocolate mousse variety.
Having a bite of it makes you want more and more and having it all consumed is soooooo heartbreaking.

it has my name on it.

wish i had unlimited supply... [just a wish though]


  1. This is indeed a very good chocolate. They cost up to $4.00 a bar and it's something I would not buy for me to eat, hehehhe. Cheap kasi eh, LOL! I stick with my Dove Dark Chocolate hehhehe. It's yummy!

  2. woah! i never heard of Dove chocolates 'til today. hehehe :D anyhoo... i loved how that Lindt choc tasted... i don't really know how much it costs because it was just given to me. hehe anyhoo, i searched for your favorite. mahal kaayu! hahaha :D