Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moringa Cupcake

Health is wealth.

Yesterday, I thought of making something organic for today. Moringa, better known as MALUNGGAY, here in the Philippines is said to be a miracle plant. This particular vegetable is also my favorite Buzz Cafe ice cream flavor. This encouraged me to make a cupcake variety of the said veggie. I first intended to make my own but also tried my luck at googling a recipe. I found one but found it a little questionable because its pattern isn't the same as that I am used to making. I decided to try it thought since it's just the lone recipe I found and it was made by a doctor. :)

So here goes. It's done and I've tasted it. The product taste is good. A little too sweet for me and lacked the 'malunggay' feel. It was good enough though for my mom and sister. I topped it with lemony buttercream to give it some oomph. Generally, it was good but not the best. I intend to make my own recipe soon because sadly, I'm not very much satisfied.

Here are some photos.

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