Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coffee Flan (?)

Last night, I was craving[as almost always] for something sweet. I looked through the fridge and saw some leftover egg yolks and milk. And so some form of bug invaded my mind telling me to whip up something to satisfy my craving... And here goes, I thought of making coffee flan. It's an alternate to leche flan which I saw last Saturday on Youtube.

Feeling a little adventurous, I took on the challenge of making my own recipe simplified using the microwave oven to cook it. I took four little bowls/sauce containers and placed a tablespoon of sugar on each one. Then I added a tablespoon of water to the containers with sugar. I then put them in the microwave to boil and make a syrup... of course it didn't turn out the way it's supposed to be but still, I moved on. I then got my egg yolks and mixed it with drops of calamansi to remove the stench then added milk and sugar. I didn't measure anything, i just felt my way through it. hahahahaha It's a bit crazy but what is an adventure? :D

Continuing on, I added some instant coffee granules until it was brown enough. I then took a strainer and poured my mixture through it[to remove the lumps] into the containers with the syrup. After, I put them into the microwave and cooked them for a minute. And another minute... and another minute... until i got tired because it never stopped boiling...

So I took it out and had a taste... I also asked my siblings to taste it and of course, they didn't like it that much. They said it was too sweet! :) I gobbled up some of them and realized that indeed it was too sweet. And it didn't look appetizing to me at all... So much for the adventure.

Looking at it right now makes me laugh at myself for doing it. :D

end product. :D

poured out. :)

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