Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Native Chocolate Cake

Well.. It's the first day of June already which only means that today marks the beginning of my birthday month. I don't know if I ought to be excited because I still don't have a job and my life's been stagnant all these months that I don't know now what to expect if I ever get back to work. I have sent some application documents to different institutions already and I am just keeping my fingers crossed for the days and weeks to come. I hope I get a job before my birthday strikes but if I never get any, well... I'll have to accept that as well and continue on waiting. 

Anyhoo... the past few days, I didn't really do a lot of baking because I don't have orders lately which is kinda sad because it means no cash inflow. But that's okay, I guess. I will just have to start anew this month. This particular cake I mentioned above is a cake I made for my brother, Jonathan. He works in Cebu already and he posted as his status message on Facebook that he misses my chocolate cakes. Awwwwe... He went home in time for our church's Family Sunday so I made him one. I tried the cooked frosting again and failed. The frosting was crumby.. lots of flour solids. But still, the cake, tasted good. 

how does that look?

cake innards. :)
pretty huh? 

and here's the rose I gave my parents on Family Sunday. :D

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