Monday, June 7, 2010

Native Chocolate Polvoron

It's kinda sad I don't get to update this blog a lot anymore like I used to. I get occupied with other things even if I don't have a job yet. haha :) I wish I get a job real soon. 

Anyhoo, days ago I made some native chocolate polvorons and they're sooooooo yummy. I don't know, I've been crazy about native chocolate lately. It's so addictive. It smells so good, raw cocoa goodness. Milk and Native chocolate never tasted this good. haha of course, I am exaggerating. :) But here is a photo for you to see. 

see the spots?
those are the bits of native choco :)

I also made the cake version and intended to pair it with ice cream. 
Here's the photo. 

beautiful texture but didn't come out in perfect shape.
still, it turned out yummy. :)

Will be off to my friend Char's place to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. 

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