Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chocolate Coated Polvoron

I've tasted some of those before and lately, I've wondered if I could make my own.

Polvoron is a common treat for the Filipinos and one that those living overseas surely miss. An old favorite of mine is that of Goldilocks. No matter how I tried to copy the taste before, I never got it right. I ended up making my own without measurements and recipes... just toasting and mixing and molding and wrapping. :)
It's been like years since I've made these candies and I totally forgot already how to. The only things I can remember about it is adding dried fish to it as an investigatory project in high school. That earned us a decent 3rd place in the competition. I've been craving for it for days already, that's why I googled a recipe and made them last night. I then used the remains of  my chocolate bar and used Ate Claire's techinique in coating cake balls. :) Sadly though, I ran out of chocolate so I only had a few finished products. 

Here are the finished products. 

decent looking, huh. 
i know there are already a lot of commercial versions of this in the market,
but nothing beats home-cooked goodness. :)

still have to ask my critics about their comments on the taste.
at times, me and my sister don't trust our tastebuds anymore. :D


  1. patilaw please!!! hehehe

  2. OMG! I never really thought of making these and dipped in chocolate. That's cool :-)
    I so want to make some but I ran out of powdered milk, grrrrr!

  3. Hi,
    You have just been awarded with the Sweet Blog Award :-)
    Go check it HERE.