Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

No words can ever fully express how fortunate I am to be born in such a close-knit family as ours. I have my loving and hardworking mother and an equally loving and hardworking father as well. Add to that combo the most fun to be around with brothers and sisters you can have in your life. I remember when our father was still in the prime of his life when we were little kids, he used to take us to the beach during weekends and even if we weren't the richest family in the world, we were the happiest kids around. He sent and fetched us to and from school and made his way through our needs and wants. He never allowed my mother to have a day job so she can take care of us while he's making money.

Now that he is kinda weaker from suffering a stroke, and not making money anymore, I know he is still working hard to get over the weakness and get back to the way it was before. Although it's kinda bleak to be as strong and as vibrant as during the younger days, at least he is improving now. And we, his kids along with our wonderful mom, are here for him just as he was there for us in when we were kids and growing up. 

So for Father's day this year, our offering to him is a yummy tasting mango cake. It's similar to my mom's mother's day cake only with bits of fruit cocktail on top of the whip cream instead of mango. :) We originally planned Ube[Purple Yam] cake as it is his favorite but we didn't find a good recipe and I couldn't risk spoiling his cake. 

Here is Papa with my Mama and the cake

innards. :)
didn't look as cassava cake-ish as before. :D 

Something's brewing up again for my sister's and mine's birthday weekend. 

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