Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Had a really really fun weekend with family and friends. Saturday was my sister's birthday and Sunday was mine. :D

Cooked Spaghetti with for her birthday and basil pasta for mine.
I also made blueberry cheesecake for her.
That day we spent with our immediate family only.

yup. that's her. my sister Jackie with her cheesecake.

Now let's go to the fun part. 
My birthday of course.
Started the day with church. Had Lechon Baboy for lunch. [didn't get the whole pig set up though.] Also had native fried chicken. :D Since nobody at home can make a cake for me, I did it myself. I made use of a black forest cake recipe I found at Brown Eyed Baker's site. Unfortunately, the cream I used didn't fluff up so I ended up using seven-minute frosting for it. Maybe it's just too warm here for whipped cream frosting...or maybe I just didn't do it right. But all's well that ends well. 

here I am with my cake. :)

got to celebrate it with a childhood friend who celebrates the same birthday as me. :)

had a candlelit dinner with my bestie-best friends... 

and karaoke after. :) 

 had so much fun.
and did i mention that it was the first time i went out at night on my birthday?

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