Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome, May! :D

It's been quite a long time since I last posted. That's because I didn't do a lot of baking until recently and internet connection was down again. 

Remember the cousin I've mentioned about before, the one who's coming home? Yup, he's here alright. :D He arrived on the 30th of April and I couldn't be happier. May in our place is the 'fiesta month' when there are feasts held almost every day in the different towns of our island province. And so he's here while waiting for the call from the school he wants to attend to; and also to participate in some of the festivities. 

I made him some cake balls. Sadly, he found it a little lacking... in butter. Then I realized, oh yeah, I used the mug cake recipe which calls for vegetable oil instead of butter for the cake. I also didn't use up a lot of buttercream so that's how he found it. He also said he was on a diet that's why he didn't eat much. 

So here goes. 

And here's something I was busy with last night. :) It's for a priest so....

I'm looking forward to something happening[I mean aside from mother's day, of course.] this weekend... 
so keep posted! :D 

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