Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pesto Pasta and Mango Island Cliff Cake

Right now, there are only three people left in the house. Me, my sister and my Papa. Sadly, my grandfather passed away the night of the election day and so my mom and cousin left for Leyte to attend to the wake and funeral. My brothers are far away too so the house is almost empty with my sister off to training at a pharmacy and me and my papa barely talking. 

So last night, to liven up a bit, I made a pasta dish for dinner. I just googled how to make pesto to add to my white sauce. The white sauce recipe by the way was taught to me by my late friend, Char. I feel like she was with me all the while. She made the best carbonara I've ever tasted. Now she's gone and I can't taste it anymore. I feel that however much I try, mine will always be second best to hers. I've been missing her a lot lately as many many memories keep rushing back into my mind. Add the fact that her boyfriend who now works faraway is here and seeing him is like feeling that she's just around too. I tweaked the recipe a bit with basil, which by the way might be one of my favorite ingredients from now on. It just adds oomph to the food you make and if used properly adds to the market value of your meal. It makes food taste expensive. That's in my opinion, of course.

Here it is. 
Sorry for the poor quality photo. 
My mom brought my camera with her to Leyte so I had to use my phone.

I didn't succeed making the real pesto. I just improvised and ended up using it still. haha:D

Today, I went out of my chocolate comfort zone and went for microwave mango cake. :) I used the leftover mango we had from mothers day. I also wanted to mimic the one written about in the previous post. It wasn't a flop this time. haha Oh just the whip cream. I still have to practice. It looks like an island cliff... a mango island cliff. :D

There you go.
A Mango Island Cliff Cake surrounded by a sea of cream. :P

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  1. ayay murag lami lagi ni jo :) pwde makikaon? ahahaha