Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dizzying Boat Rides

The past few days have been fun for me as I went places and did boat rides for three straight days. I still feel dizzy. 
Day 1. Thursday, May 6.
           We were off to Cebu so early in the morning to prepare for my granny's check-up. After that I had to accompany her as she went to places to fix  some papers and stuff. It's a good thing we had a good car courtesy of an aunt who lives there whom I just met. I absolutely love her because she's so accommodating. Life was less stressful to me because she made sure we were comfortable and well fed always. We had lunch at her place and  I didn't take photos to avoid being offensive. For snacks, we went to the Metro Cafe in Ayala which I didn't know existed until the time we went there. It was located in the basement so it's really kinda hard to find. Choco Freeze was really yummy. Still, no photos. After that, we had dinner at T.G.I. Friday's. We had Friday's Three-for-all, Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta, and whatever else... hehe I can't remember anymore. I had mashed potatoes and Strawberry Slush. 


i don't know what this was called. 

the pasta
my slush. 
wasn't really very impressed with the taste. wished there were more ice.

Day 2. Friday, May 7. 
           Early in the morning, we went to the doctor's clinic and had my Lola checked. After that we headed over to Aunt's place and stayed there for a while. We also had lunch there. Then they dropped me and my cousin, JC to Robinson's so they can go somewhere else and we can also go to his school to know the results of his applications. Story short, he got accepted. After that, he dropped me off to the business park so I can go to Ayala while waiting for my Lola to come back. I really was excited to go home already because my tummy wasn't in a very good mood for the past few days. The day before too, I had chest pains. It was awful.  Thought I'd have a heart attack already. Thank God, I survived. When my Lola got back, we went straight to the pier and ended up running to the terminal because the traffic was really really heavy. We rode a boat once again and were seated in the front most so you can just imagine how it felt when the boat met the waves. It makes me dizzy thinking about it.

Day 3. Saturday, May 8... my favorite boat ride of all. It's the day of our college classmates reunion and it was uber fun. We went island hopping. First to Balicasag Island, and then to Virgin Island. Despite the heat, it was fun hanging out, catching up, rekindling old friendships, reminiscing memories. You might wanna see some photos. 

The box of Squash Muffins topped with Chocolate was my contribution to the affair. 
Yummy looking lechon, huh? 

The waves on that boat ride are the ones I'd love to meet again soon. 
Oooooh I love it! <3

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