Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glysa's Birthday Cuppies

Yep, it was one of my girl best friends' birthday yesterday. Her name is Glysa and she was my classmate since first grade until high school. We've parted ways in college but never lost contact. We've been through a lot. A whole lot actually, and yeah, it's made our bond stronger than ever.  In celebration of another year of her existence, we held a pre-birthday bash at the 'Balwarte' [don't know how it's spelled.] We went there with our other girlfriends and we had a blast. It was a simple dinner actually and my offering to her this year is a set of birthday cupcakes I baked a day ahead. I decorated them with seven-minute frosting and here they are.

And here are some photos of us. [Glysa's the one wearing shorts.]

Shiela, Erin, Glysa and me :)

Felt like we're still first graders. haha :D

Time flies so fast. 

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