Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sour Cream Apple Bars

This month indeed is a busy month for me not just for baking stuff but also for family and work. I've been trying to and still am catching up with my messed up schedule at the hospital. Yup, you read it right. It's been a mess because of my absences last month and for this month, a new set of absences as well. You see, my Papa was confined yet again at the hospital for a week not because of stroke[Thank God!] but because of Aspiration Pneumonia. The doctor says that's because he can't swallow properly anymore as an after effect of his previous stroke episodes. Anyhoo, he is in better shape now. Still coughing but at least, recovering. 

Part of the hospitalization was also receiving some fruits from friends, family and from the meal tray. We had bananas, papaya and APPLES which by the way will be the main ingredient of my post today. I found this recipe from an awesome blog called Lovin' from the Oven which is among the first blogs I ever read when I started rediscovering my passion for baking. The photos looked yummy and so I wanted to make some so as to taste some. The apples my pop received from my best friend Glysa were the ones I made use of for this one. I also tweaked it a little as I used peanuts instead of pecans[because I don't see 'em a lot here] and a square pan instead of a 9x13[which wasn't a very good idea because the finished product turned out thick... I did it anyway because my oven is too small for a 9x13].

Here's the finished product. 
Slightly scorched crust because of the size of my oven. hihi

This is the bar I tried to cut out nicely but didn't go out perfectly.
Soft innards coming lose. 
But hey, this tastes really good you wouldn't mind the way it's cut. hihi

I had my family taste the bar slices and they said it was good. My mom even gave some to my grandma who is kind of a critic because she was once a baker. I still have to ask for her comments. As for me, it tasted really good.[Did I just say that again? :)] and I'd like to thank Kim for sharing this recipe that intrigued me enough to make me keep thinking of baking this while I was still in the hospital watching over my Papa. 

Right now, we're still busy finishing our job on...

 ...decorating the house for Christmas. 
[This is a cropped photo of our tree this year.]

Holidays, come quick! I'm so excited. :))

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  1. they look great! i could use another piece right about now. so glad you got to try them out!