Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year's Halloween by far is the most fun for me, I must say. Not only did I get to bake some goodies, but also I got the chance to don a costume for the first time. You see, I grew up spending halloween watching spooky themed cartoons and TV shows... and on the first day of November, we go to the cemetery to visit the remains of our departed loved ones. Cemetery day [All Saint's Day here] have been fun too but a costume party is way way better!!!

Since one of my neices' birthday is on the 30th of October, she wanted a halloween themed birthday party and so my cousin ordered a witch cake for her and some cookies. I didn't think I would be wearing a costume to the party because I thought it was just for kids but when my cousin said they'd be wearing costumes as well, I decided to join them and make a last-minute costume for me...

I ended up dressed as a...

COW. haha

And now for the goodies... 

Look at this Fruit Punch with floating eyeballs. :)) [love it!]

the Sugar Cookies I made. Too bad the Frankenstein and witch cookies didn't turn out perfectly. 

Now, this is the first fondant cake I sold. :))
I remember, it's been a year already since I first tried my hand on fondant. I started with a cake but found it really difficult to cover so I ended up starting to sell fondant cupcakes instead. 

Happy Halloween, Everyone!
[That's my sister. Dressed as a cat... or mouse? Idk. Haha]

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