Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Erin's Birthday Carrot Cake

It's my good good friend Erin's birthday today but we had a little celebration yesterday since she was going somewhere else today. We went to KFC and had chicken and a dose of Krusher's. [Yum!] A party[though how little] is never complete without dessert. So I baked her a Carrot Cake, taking the recipe from Lovin' from the Oven by Kim  [I know, I'm such a big fan. :)] Instead of Cream Cheese frosting though, I topped the cake with a crusting buttercream recipe I found at Cake Central so as to try it. Just for the record, it didn't crust. Maybe this is because of the type of weather we have here. Well at least it didn't melt away.

The Carrot Cake tasted really good and so did the buttercream.

That's us girls. 

This is how her cake looked like. 
I opted for an Indian inspired design.
But hey, look closely... the colors bled. :[

But she liked it anyway... :)) 
She said she didn't know if it was really the design or if it was a big blunder.

There you go. Uneven slices. Eating to our hearts' content.

I baked some flower cuppies too. That was her order. 

Happy Birthday, Erin! :D

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