Saturday, October 2, 2010

Whoopie Pies

I've read about these a number of times and have seen them in many blogs I have visited. I've always imagined making my own but I didn't think I'd do it today. I was just searching for something to make for one of my friends who is celebrating his birthday today. Well,  the party is tomorrow [I think] but since I will be on graveyard shift tonight, I decided to make them along with the cupcake orders. :) 

I thought working with it was going to be tedious but it turned out pretty easy. I'm surely going to make some more in the future and try different fillings for these sandwiches. :D 

I whipped up strawberry buttercream for these babies and here they are. 

up close.

I promise more of these coming soon. :))

The recipe I used for this is found here.

Happy Birthday Jesthony!

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