Saturday, October 2, 2010

Holiday Cupcakes

My holiday cupcakes are making a comeback. :)
Well it's undeniable that Christmas is in the air and everything about it is making me excited at fever pitch! Oh yeah! 

[Back to normal self.] I made these cupcakes for the holidays last year and posted photos on my Facebook account. Lucky me, my most recent client took notice and wanted exactly the same look for her birthday/grandchildren's christening cuppies. I delivered the box to her personally this morning and felt awesome as she is a complete stranger to me. I think she heard about me from my granny during the banana muffin bake sale at the mall. 

With regards to the cupcakes she ordered, she said she liked them. I am so relieved. 

Without further much a do, here they are. 

She ordered 18...

...moist chocolate cupcakes...

...under marshmallow frosting decorated holiday style with colored sanding sugar. :))

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