Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chocolate Flan Cake [2]

I have always been fascinated by this type of cake because they describe it as one that will trigger 'Oooooohhh's and 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh's. You're supposed to place the flan mixture above the cake batter then when it's cooked already, you'll find the flan at the bottom of the pan and the cake on top. That's because the flan is denser than the cake.

I usually have the urge to bake this when I have lots of egg yolks in the fridge after baking something else. And so when I found out I was stocking about 8 already, I thought it was time to pull the idea out again. :) So I did but the people I asked to get me condensed milk bought me evaporated instead. I was clearly upset at first but realized that I couldn't do anything to reverse the situation. I first opted to just turn down the whole thing but then I was so excited I mixed the chocolate cake batter ahead of time. In the end, I made use of what was available and hoped for the best.

As expected, the cake didn't come out perfectly. Still, it turned out good. I invited a friend to come over and have a taste for herself. She kinda enjoyed it as well. She says though that she didn't like the flan so much. My sister and I still liked the flan though. hihi

See for yourself.

The Flan is supposed to sink to the bottom.

Dusted with confectioner's sugar for aesthetic purposes. 

Took a slice and that's how the innards look like. :)

The recipe for the chocolate cake I used for this is found here
I used the eyeball technique for the flan. 
I read through recipes of chocolate flan cake for the directions on how to bake it. 

A slice as my World Teacher's Day offering.
Just like a teacher, this cake offers a good learning experience. 
[The names listed above are those of my near relatives who are great teachers as well.]

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