Friday, September 24, 2010

Shiela turns 23

Shiela is one of my closest childhood friends... one of my few bestfriends actually. Though we had a lot of time apart [we weren't in the same school during high school and college], we never ceased to become friends. And after a long long time of being apart, we have been close again ever since. We work at the same hospital with Erin.

It was her birthday on the 23rd and she had a dinner bash from her loving parents so I also made her something that I imagined making. Chocolate Pudding Pie. Yes, that's right. Sounds like yum, huh? It is definitely yummy... She loved it very much.

That's her boyfriend, Shiela and Me. 
Look at that cookie in the middle. 
It says, 'happy birthday shiela!'
[Too bad I didn't get to take an upclose photo. I was too hungry I guess. haha]

Those are her cakes. 
Love the slippers by the way.

That's us minus Erin. :|

But anyways, we had fun. Too bad I had to go home early. 

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