Tuesday, September 14, 2010

'Corporate Event': Rio Twins' 1st Birthday Party

Since I don't get a lot of orders lately, I found this party to be a great excuse to whip up some cuppies and cookies for my two dear boys. They are the sons of my sister Jackie's classmate and the pastor's first grandsons. They then are dearly loved by everyone in our church community. I especially love them. They have a special place in my heart.

conventional chocolate cuppies with boiled frosting

sugar cookies with royal icing

johann and nathan cookies

look! blue hand and foot. hihi :)

here they are. the one with longer hair is the mom. :]


  1. Your cookies look beautiful! I love the flowers.

  2. oh my looks so yummy =) I'm sure you'll be very busy during Christmas season due to orders so gather your strength and energy as early as now. I hope your yummies aren't sweet tasting ... bad for the health hahahahhahahahahhaha.

  3. yeah [hopefully] christmas season will be fun. hehe :D well they really are sweet, ate. :) really bad for the health. haha