Friday, September 24, 2010

September Cebu Trip

I went home early from Shiela's birthday bash because I had to get some rest as I was about to take on a journey towards the nearby island of Cebu again to attend to something and also to visit my brother, Jonathan. And so I did wake up early and got to the boat running because I came in time for the final boarding call. [Haha]

To make the story short, he brought me to his place then we went to the office where I had to get something then  went malling at SM after. We actually spent the whole afternoon there. Something like a date. Yup, a date with my brother.

Had F.O.B.I Baked Ice Cream.

We had lunch at Chika-an sa Cebu in the North Wing.

Sizzling Sisig

Sinigang na Hipon

Grilled Tuna Belly

Then dessert at Gelatissimo.

Forest Berries

and Panna Cotta. 

Yum! :D

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