Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Whew. It's been a while since I last felt oven heat and I missed it so much the other day I prodded myself to do some baking. A good friend of mine gave me a bag of Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips and so I've thought of  a lot of things to do with them like cookies, cupcakes and of course, muffins. She particularly requested for banana so I kinda baked it for her. I was and am still inspired to bake because I have something special that is brewing as of the moment. Well it's not coffee though but it leaves me awake a lot. I choose not to talk about it a lot here because I want to enjoy it while it lasts and while it is new.

Now back to my muffins. I googled and found a recipe at allrecipes.com. Made it and here are the products.

This one's for my Bes. 

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