Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Way Behind

OMG! I'm so sorry for being missing in action for quite a long time. You see, I just got back to work at the hospital and our duty days have increased in number thus taking away a lot of blogging and lazing time for me. :/ I've also decided to go the healthy way lately so I try to make time for walking/jogging as often as possible. I've lost weight already but I'm still kinda fat so I have to do a lot more to achieve my normal BMI. I have  set an appointment already with the endocrinologist by the end of the month and it's kinda getting me anxious. duuuuuh. 

The good thing though about my hectic schedule is that I still have time to bake. Been doing it for the past month, major highlights being Valentines Day and Blissful Nibbles Anniversary. So without further much a do, I'll show you the stuff I did. 



me after packing them individually



 Superman Cake

Ocean theme birthday cupcakes

February 16, 2011
It's the blog's first birthday. :)
I made Chocolate Mocha Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting topped with chocolate chips.
Brought some to the hospital. 
Was a sure hit!

And here are my early March creations. 

Tink theme cupcakes

Motherly birthday cupcakes

and monthsary cupcakes

Weeeeeeeeeee. I'm sooo glad I have finally updated my blog after a long long time. 
I will try my best to keep posting soon. 
I have something in mind but I'll keep it a secret for now. hihi

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