Thursday, February 10, 2011

Superman Cake

Hospital Duty seems to be taking most of my time lately. I have been in the hospital almost daily but it's fun. I'm assigned to the ER now. I still get a little confused as hospitals do have some differences with policies. I also have new friends and a new set of 'bosses'. hihi :))

Well anyhoo, I came from a night shift and went straight to making this cake. I planned this for days though so I was kinda organized. I baked the cake the night before and did the decos today. I finished early and went out for a walk. I do walk a lot nowadays too as I want to have a beach body by summer. haha:D It may sound ambitious but hey, I'm working on it, okay? :)

So here's the cake. 

It's a Superman cake ordered by a friend, who now lives in the UK, for her brother here. 

I had fun making this and I was pretty meticulous. hihi :D

I also notice that my hands get really colorful after doing things like these. 
I've washed my hands a number of times already. 
The food colors are stubborn. 

I still have a few to post about but I get too lazy sometimes so maybe I'd do them in one post only sometime soon. 
My blog anniversary is at hand too and I'm planning to make something special. I hope I can pull through. :) 

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  1. Beautiful cake! I know exactly what you mean about stubborn colors. I had to make black fondant last night and my hands are still stained even after being washed countless times.... Sighsss