Monday, January 24, 2011

Lingerie Cookies

After the holidays, I wasn't really very busy anymore. Add to that the fact that I still wasn't taken back by the hospital so I didn't have to go there. I got bored. Sure I had to bake a number of goodies but they were box mixes and those simply aren't my thing. Take this red velvet cake for example. It's better than the first one I made but still I don't feel so fulfilled as I know I did it using a cake mix. It looks so pretty though. I just wanted to share. Fudge frosting btw is also store bought. 

Fortunately, I got an order of 150 cookies for a bachelorette party last Saturday. I started baking them on Monday and finished packing them on Friday night. I know it took quite a long time but it's okay. I also didn't have much control on the blacks so they were like bleeding. Good thing the client liked the end products.
Here they are. 

150 cookies in the making.

the start of the decoration job. 

finished products.

another view.

The red lace looking part of the packaging were actually strips of cartolina run through a Martha Stewart puncher gifted to me by an aunt for Christmas. :)

Hope you enjoyed them. :D

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  1. Ann, this looks fun... and racy! you can also invert the hearts and make panties... hehehe! -Gangz