Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holidays of 2010

First off Happy New Year, Everyone! 
I know it's been quite a long time since I last posted. The holiday season has been quite busy yet very rewarding for me. I've baked quite a number that's why I got too lazy to post. 

Anyhoo, 2010 has been a fun year for me. Especially that I got to get back to work at the hospital and travel even to just nearby destinations. It also marked the start of my baking blog which will be a year older next month.[Yay!] And it was on that year that I kinda fell in love and got broken hearted a few months after. 

Now 2011 is here and I'm looking forward to a number of things. I know so many can happen within a year and we'll never know what might come our way. Well anyway, I only have fond wishes and hopes of continued good health for everyone.

Right now though, I'd like to share to you the last few goodies I made for 2010. Did them through the holidays. Btw, my aunt brought more than 10 cake, muffin and brownie mixes for me to do. I'm not a fan of those stuff but sometimes, it's just the most convenient and because my family thinks of me as the 'baker girl/cupcake girl' already, I have to do the baking for them. It's not always fun but there's something with the sound of the mixer and the heat of the oven that makes my day. hihi

Here are the stuff I sold during the holidays.

 Holiday Cookies [Poinsettia, Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, Winter House, Hollies and 2011 Bunny Cookies]

Chocolate Fudge Frosted Chocolate Cakes for Christmas and New Year

Here are the ones I made for the family. 
 Scorched Cheese Lasagna :D

Berry Medley Cheesecake
[Pie crust was ready made by Honey Maid but cheesecake was made from scratch. Berry Medley  Filling by Comstock.]

Chocolate Mint Brownie 
[Brownie Mix by Pillsbury]

There are still a lot more but haven't taken pictures of. 
More box mixes to bake. 

Happy New Year again, Everyone! 

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