Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December's Here!

Oh yeah and it only means one thing for me : THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE! Weeeeeee!! I cannot contain my excitement. Anyhoo... We always celebrate the beginning of December with a blast because the first day of this month is my Mama's birthday! 

Last year, I was struggling trying to perfect my marshmallow frosting and presented to her a store-bought chiffon cake. I was just starting then and my techniques are so novice. 

Lookie here! hihi 
Very novice indeed. :D

Well I went up a little level higher this year and made my mom a Coffee Cake with Coffee Frosting that I found on Tastespotting yesterday. I printed the recipe from Gastronomy Blog. I hurriedly made it since I was going on duty at 12am. 

Lights off and here it is :)

This is how it looks like with the lights on. 

cake innards

My mom is a coffee fanatic and it is needless to say that she loved the cake and so did the family. I brought some to the hospital and one of my colleagues just licked the frosting 'til there's so little left. I love coffee too but don't drink much so my tolerance for coffee is not so high which I think explains why I didn't feel so sleepy last night while we were taking care of our lone NICU patient. I must admit though that I slept a little.... about 3-4 hours after eating the cake. :D

Btw, here's my mom. Pretty noh? :D

Happy Birthday, Mama
Happy Holidays, Everyone! :D

Special thanks to Catherine of Gastronomy Blog for the recipe of this cake.

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  1. YAY! You did a fabulous job on the cake! The frosting looks way profesh! Cheers to you and your coffee-loving mama :-)