Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Huge Thank You

Woah! It's 2012 and I barely saw it coming... The past few months have been quite busy for me with regards to work and cakes that I have to apologize for hybernating from the blogging world. Things have changed, a lot and  now that we are approaching the second anniversary of Blissful Nibbles, I am thinking of a grand way to do it. Problem is, I can't think of any. It would be in February, just in time for Valentines Day so maybe the theme this time will be something 'hearty' [?] What do you say?

As of today, allow me to show you some of the things that I have been busy with these past few months.






Ain't life awesome? :)
I'd like to thank my customers for giving me this chance to express my creativity and to make your celebrations extra special. It has been my pleasure to somehow be a part [though how little] of your lives.
Thank you! :)