Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I'm sorry for being missing in action [then again] for like more than a month. Things have been pretty hectic for me both with work at the hospital and baking. So many things have happened and I have been more than eager to share them here. But time constraints always keep me from doing so... I'm glad I have this day off all to myself and I'm excited to do my sharing now.

Well firstly, I have had major milestones in the past few weeks. I have catered for a debut party and a wedding for the first time.

The bookings are all thanks to my cousin January Tan of Debut's and I Do's. :)

Other than these, I also had small orders for cupcakes and cakes. 

Ain't life grand? :) 

Now, how about my blog title? Inspired? Well yeah I am. With a lot of things. My family. My friends... and [what you might be waiting for] my 'uhmmm' pretty boy. :) yeah he is a pretty boy. I get ispired to try things that appear intimidating. I d k. It's different now that he's around. But you know, I don't expect him to like me-like me. I just like it that he likes and enjoys what I do. I d k if he knows [and I hope he doesn't]. I don't want to ruin our friendship. But yeah, right now... he does inspire me. hihi. I don't want to sound all cheesy and elementary-ish  now so I'll be sharing the pastries I've tried doing and succeeded anyway [because(again) I am inspired].


Oatmeal Bars

Copycat Oreo Cookies


Cream Puffs

See? Hihi. It's been fun. :)